Current stories

Stories that will eventually get updated. Works in progress.

Jewel of Circumstance - a crossover between 'Yu Yu Hakusho' and 'Inuyasha'. Yusuke and Co. are sent on a mission for Koenma, and end up in feudal Japan. The rest, as they say, is history.

Restless Spirit - A 'Slayers' story. (Xelloss/Filia) Filia and her adopted son Val are in merry old turn of the century England! When Filia moves into an abandoned house, she finds that it's still haunted by the original owner.

For Mature Readers Only - A "Neverending Story"...story. Stressed, depressed and feeling alone in the world, the adult Bastian Balthazar Bux gets pulled back into the world of Fantasia once more to help the Empress. Shameless plot device for Bastian/Empress romance fun.

One Shots and Poems


Quiet Trust - a free-verse poem I thought up. Direct result of school...fear.

Too Late - somewhat free-verse and somewhat rhyme, this has more of a 'sappy pop-rock song' feel to it than actual poetry. It sucks.

Inspiration - I was having difficulty with what else but writer's block. My muse, if I could call it that, likes to indulge in odd poetry from time to time. This is simply about how inspiration comes and goes.

Fan Poetry

Frodo's Poem - (Lord of the Rings) - A sad poem from Frodo's POV

Red and Black - This is a Yu Yu Hakusho sort of dark poem/fic/something that I have NO idea where the idea for it came from. Supposedly spoken by Hiei to of those ideas that came out of nowhere.

All I Need to Know I Learned From Spongebob Squarepants - Self-explanatory.

One Shot Fics

Worth Fighting For - A "Seven" fanfiction. Detective Somerset visits his old partner David Mills in the psych ward and muses on their conversation. Chapter 2 is Mills' POV. Strong language, of course.

Discontinued Fics

These are the stories that never got finished and will never get finished. I'd offer to let someone else take them over but I doubt anyone would want to.

Forever Changed - A "Final Fantasy X" story, discontinued because the actual sequel came out. After the end of Final Fantasy X, Tidus returns, but he wasn't the only one. The race to save Spira begins again.

Shadowy Bonds - A "Slayers" story - discontinued because quite frankly I think it sucks. My first actual attempt at fanfiction, ever. Xelloss and Filia try to keep their daughter safe from the dark lord Grausherra.

Awake - A "Slayers/The Crow Crossover" - started out really strong, but ended up really bad, and I lost interest. A brutal murder brings Xelloss back as The Crow, to avenge his and Filia's deaths.

Forgive Me - (tie-in with The Crow/Slayers Crossover)