This is mostly around the same time when Omega first came to what was later known as the Omega Ruins.

Forever Changed

Chapter 1 - Prison

She was alive, still breathing. And she was also dead, still trapped in the cold, unfeeling, stale liquid that surrounded her aching, chilled body. She had long gotten used to the cold and the pain, but she had not gotten used to the constant feelings of utter despair and loneliness. She was forever alone in her watery grave; once a powerful dark mage turned into a living fayth, ready to be called upon when needed. She lied in waiting for over a thousand years, hating and loving the one who locked her there. She had both gone willingly and against her will, unable to deny the one she loved anything, and at the same time knowing she was sentencing herself to an existence worse than death. Death would have been welcome, but it was not her choice.

Her only joy, as well as her greatest sorrow, was in knowing that he was out there, somewhere. She could sense him, as her soul was now bound to his: she was his fayth. But he did not call upon her, as she hoped. And as time passed, he rapidly faded into something else…something she did not understand. His soul…it had become twisted. Dark. Consumed by a ravenous lust for power and destruction. Her worn and tired soul tried to call out to him, but he had forgotten her. She no longer existed to him…and he was no longer human.

Still she waited, lying in her frozen tomb, waiting in hopes that he would one day release her, call to her, need her. She lost track of how much time passed, and all she could do was sing her mournful song. The song of the fayth. She sang when she felt as though she might lose her mind. She sang when she felt the temptation to succumb to the darkness of insanity, desperately fighting against it, for her mind was all she had left. She did not want to lose what little sanity she had left.

But there were times when, if she listened carefully, she could hear the other fayth singing as well. It gave her a moment of temporary respite, and in that moment she didn’t feel quite so alone.

But then the song would end, and she would feel him again. She knew that he was seeking to achieve immortality, and while she longed to see him, she also longed to be freed from her eternal prison. And so she continued, as time went by, to keep track of his presence. And after awhile, she began to realize a pattern. After a certain amount of time, how long she had no idea, his presence seemed to…change, somehow. She could still feel what little of his soul remained, but each time it changed. Shifted, perhaps. Transformed. What was the cause of this? She tried to probe further, using her mind to reach out, but she was only met with nothing. He had blocked her out…and blocked her magic. She cursed him.

It was after this amount of time that she realized that his presence became still, as well. It would lie silent for a short while, before she could feel him growing strong again. She was confused, and concerned. He was fading more and more, and finally, after she knew many years had passed, she could only feel the shell of the man that she once knew. He was gone, yet he remained. And so she stopped calling out to him altogether, knowing it was futile.

And then one day, she suddenly felt another presence on her island prison. Using her mind once again to ‘see’, she saw a man hunched over in pain, clenching his fists together in fury as he screamed at seemingly no one in particular. She could feel an enormous amount of hatred and bitterness radiating around him in waves. He was a very handsome man, and young, and she wondered why he was on her island.

Feeling a wave of pity for this man, who had eventually stopped screaming and was now standing all alone at the entrance to the caves above, she began to sing softly the song of the fayth. He stopped, and listened, his eyes wide and his mouth open in shock. She continued to sing, but now he seemed only afraid. So she stopped, and in a gentle voice she called out to him with her mind.

“Come to me…go down into the depths, into the darkness, and you will find me. Do not fear.”

Not having anything else to do, the man called Omega, a heretic and an outcast, slowly and fearfully made his way down the caverns and crevices, creeping along in the darkness, until he finally found the chamber where she was locked in her watery grave. He approached the encased pool, his face illuminated by the soft light that filled the chamber, and he peered warily at her frozen form. He stared at her as she projected her image from the pool, a ghostly hologram of what she used to be. She smiled at him tiredly.

“You are a fayth?” he asked.

“That is correct,” she replied. “I am the first fayth. Why are you here, in this prison?”

“Because I am a traitor to Yevon,” he replied sarcastically. “I care nothing for Yevon, he has betrayed me. And because I did not appear to be a worthy follower, they cast me out, and I am sentenced here to die.”

“Yevon? Yu Yevon? Where is he?” she pleaded to know.

He stared at her curiously. “No one knows where Yevon is. They all assume that he is some kind of god, that he is everywhere at once. But I know that he is not. He is the bane of us all, and no one will believe me.”

“I believe you,” she replied without thinking.

“You do? But…aren’t you one of his…?”

She nodded. “It’s true, I am. I do belong to him. Always. I am bound to him, and there is nothing I can do to help you.”

“How did you come to be here?” he asked.

She sighed. “I will tell you my story. Many years ago, when he was a man instead of the incarnation of evil that he is now, he imprisoned me in this water, and he proclaimed himself, as you said, a god. I tried to convince him to stop, to bring him back from his madness, but it was too late. He would not listen to me. I told him that I loved him, and that I would be with him forever if only he stopped this madness. He told me that if I wanted to be with him always, he could arrange that. He also accused me of trying to usurp his power, and he told me that I would forever be bound to him. I would never be able to turn against him. I did not know that he was capable of such things until he forced me into this water, where he sealed me here for eternity, or until the seal can be broken. He told me before he left that I was his fayth…to represent the new religion he would create. He has created other fayth as well…I assume you know this, if you know what I am.”

The man stared at her in shock as she recounted to him her story. He then bowed before her out of sorrow and pity. “My lady…I am angered and saddened by your story. I hate Yevon more than anything! If I only could destroy him and release you…”

“There would be nothing you could do,” she said. “He has become something other than human, and he grows more powerful each day…I fear he cannot be defeated.”

“What…what can I do?”

She sighed. “I would ask you to do me one favor.”


“Let me sleep.”

He tilted his head in question. “Sleep?”

She nodded tiredly. “I grow tired of thinking…I grow tired of singing when I begin to feel that all is lost. I grow tired of waiting. I know you cannot release me from my prison. But I can sense that you are a powerful mage. My powers are frozen along with my body. Will you let me sleep?”

He nodded in understanding. She smiled in thanks, and her image disappeared. As the powerful, heretic mage known as Omega cast his spell upon her, and she felt her consciousness drifting away, she reached out to him with her mind one last time.

Remember me…