This is a song, basically. If I could write music, you can bet I would write it for this. I could hear a tune vaguely in my head as I re-read it and it reminded me of "A Moment Like This" you know. Since this is a pretty mushy song. I'm the next Britney Spears! Yay!

Yeah right, get real. Anyway, I kinda like it in a self-loathing sort of way. It sorta rhymes and sorta doesn't. Inspired by...well...if you could call it inspiration. Just a brain belch.

Too Late

I have a secret only you canít know

Itís a secret that involves you alone

Hidden inside, it tears me apart

Because I canít tell you

Iím afraid of losing

My heart


But itís too late

Oh itís too late

My heart is yours and yours to take

You donít know you have it

Itís yours if you want it

But please donít give it

Back to me

I couldnít take it

When I lost it long before I knew

That it belongs to you.


I donít know what love is

I canít describe it to you

All I know is that I want to always be with you

Is that silly of me to want

You with me forever?

Tell me is it so wrong to want to see you

Every day?

I try to tell myself I can live without you

That if you left I could go on

And even if I could, it would be like

The early hours of morning

Right before the sun

But the light would never come

But itís not too late

Oh itís not too late, I know

To turn around and tell you just why I canít let go

Like the last shreds of darkness hold on to the rays of light

I feel you slipping through my fingers

Iím disappearing into night


Is it too late for me to tell you?

Is it too late for you to know?

Should I tell you how I feel and why I canít let go?

Should I lay it all down on the line and risk losing you for good?

Or should I bite my tongue and tell myself

That what I have

Is enough? 

Is it too late?

Well, what were you expecting? Don't say I didn't warn you.  I would think the Britney Spears reference would be enough.