Quiet Trust

This poem is an identification with my 'totem animal' as my Creative Writing professor put it. It's, in a sense, the animal that I identify with. And my animal is the wolf...more specifically a wolf that has befriended a human. This more or less describes my approach to relationships. Oh well...this is the blurb.

Soft fur, piercing eyes, a wolfish smile hiding sharp teeth
She paces to and fro, feet padding in the white snow
Always watchful, always wary, silent and strong
Faithful friend or vicious enemy?
That is for you to decide
Approach her and you will see
If you are capable of winning her trust
If she licks your hand instead of running away
Then she will follow you the rest of her days
She will lie at your feet and hear your sorrows
She will look at you with trust and love
She will lie at your grave if you die before her, to follow you into death
Unless you turn on her, she will never turn on you
For it was her choice to love you, and not yours

And that's it!