Thought of this in my favorite place to receive inspiration:  the bathroom.  Yes, I get all my best ideas while sitting on the can.  
Too personal, maybe?  Oh well, I'm just honest.

Inspiration, by Mujamo

Inspiration, come to me
When all my creativity
Has vanished 'neath the light of day
And my thoughts will neither flee nor stay
This pen of mine can write no wrong
It seems in the throes of her great song
Like dancers with their partners glide
She keeps my words and hand in stride
But when she leaves my pen falls
No thought of plots or character calls
Words remain empty and meanings fade
Behind a foolish masquerade
Even as these lyrics I write
I strive to keep her in sight
For my words my rhyme and beat is kept
My talent still seems quite inept
My advice to those who read this prose
Keep your mind and heart in repose
For she is fickle, that lady of words
Though her results can be as sharp as swords
Alas, she left, as I was confident
For in this prose it is evident
I know 'tis futile to keep paper to pen
Til inspiration comes to me again