Frodoís Poem

by Steph

(Frodoís thoughts as he prepares to leave Middle-Earth to go across the sea)

I barely remember when the light of the sky
Was wonderfully warm and bright to my eye
For darkness was not familiar to me
Now darkness is the only thing that I see

For darkness called and it bade me go
To places of which no one should know
Places of madness, despair, and grief
Where in darkness I drowned without any relief

Though I was not alone in my dreary prison
For beside me walked Sam, but with his own reason
And grateful I am still to this day
But not even he could chase the darkness away

This darkness around me grows as each day goes by
And I have come to realize that Iím living a lie
I know not who I am, or what lies ahead
For the Frodo that I once was is now dead

Across the sea lies a vision of light
It called to my very soul, a whisper in the night
Its voice was soft, and peace filled my soul
And I knew that one day thatís where I should go

For Arwen the elf, a human now, said
That should I grow weary, to go in her stead
And she gave me this jewel, should the darkness close in
And indeed, itís light seems to ease my pain from within

Now as I look across the sea, my vision blinded by tears
I feel peace sweep over me, calming my fears
Though I turn my back to the home I once knew
I feel within myself a small light shine anew

It pains me to leave my dear friends behind
For their faith endured even when Iíd lost mine
But somehow I know that Iíll see them again
And weíll all be together, perhaps, in the end