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Chapter 3 - Not Always a Happy Ending

The salty sea air stung Yuna’s eyes as she stared at the sea, watching the waves caress the piers almost lovingly. She had been sitting there behind a pile of crates, watching the sea, ever since the ceremony had ended a short while ago. She’d finally escaped from the hoards of people wanting to praise her, congratulate her, or simply stare at her in awe. She adored them all, and seeing the sheer joy on their faces should have been enough to make her happy. She felt guilty beyond belief at the fact that it wasn’t.

She smiled ruefully as she leaned into the stinging wind…or was it tears that stung her eyes? It could have been both. The docks around her were quiet; everyone was still wandering around the stadium, or gone home to prepare for the celebrations that were to be held later that evening. She could still hear their joyous cheering. People were hugging their children, kissing their loved ones, laughing with happiness. It did little to fill her own heart with joy, as she had hoped that it would.

For even though Sin was gone, and the people of Spira could once again live in peace, she didn’t feel…right, somehow. There was something missing. Or rather, someone. She felt…empty, without him. Her life would be empty, for though he had only been in it for a short while, she felt as though she’d known him her entire life. She closed her eyes against the sudden twist of sorrow in her heart that his memory caused.

Even with her eyes closed, she could still see him. Sandy blonde hair, sticking out in every direction. Deep blue eyes, as deep as the sea and full of passion for life…and for her. A smile that warmed her heart and sent shivers down her spine at the same time. Thin, strong arms that held her close to him, and safe from harm.

The onslaught of tears finally cascaded down her cheeks, and she buried her face in her arms. Evidently she hadn’t cried enough in the last few days to last her until the end of her life. She felt like she had done as such. Her world felt dark and brooding now, and she could not help but laugh bitterly as she sobbed at how ironic it was. How was it that the world could rejoice, but she could not? She, whom everyone hailed as the savior of Spira…could not be happy. Her ray of light, her shining star, had faded…

Almost in a childish voice her mind cried out that it just wasn’t fair! Why was it that happy endings had to involve tragic endings, as well? It just didn’t seem right to her. It had been the same when her father defeated Sin all those years ago. Just like today, the world rejoiced while a lonely little girl sat alone, away from everyone else, and cried. She had lost the only two men in her life that she loved more than anything…while the world danced.

She wrapped her arms around her legs, bringing her knees up to her chest as she cried. She felt so alone, and she knew that if anyone could see her now they would not think her a strong and courageous woman who defeated Sin. They would see her as the small and pitiable girl that she was. But she didn’t care. She suddenly wished that someone, anyone, would hold her, so that she wouldn’t feel alone.

As if in answer to her wish, a pair of strong arms wrapped around her from behind, startling her. A gentle voice whispered in her ear, soothing her, and instead of turning to see whom it was, she continued to cry, not caring at the moment that she must look a mess. The stranger merely held her, gently stroking her hair and allowing her a few moments of much-needed comfort.

Finally, when her sobs had subsided into occasional sniffles, she wiped her red, blurred eyes and turned her head to thank whoever had been kind enough to care. With a shocked gasp, she stared in disbelief.

He grinned at her, his blue eyes sparkling like the sea as he touched a hand to her face.

“Y…you…you’re here…?” she whispered, covering his hand with hers, needing to feel that he was really there and not just an illusion. “You…feel real…”

Tidus gently wiped the remaining tears from her cheeks with his thumb. “Of course I’m real, silly,” he said, and then he leaned in close, his face inches from hers, and whispered, “I told you I’d come when you called me…”

“But I…I saw you disappear…you were gone…” Yuna stammered. It was beginning to register that he was really there, and she wasn’t dreaming.

He nodded. “But now I’m back.”

With a joyful cry, she flung her arms around his neck, nearly knocking them both to the ground. He laughed and hugged her tightly, burying his face in her hair, inhaling her fragrance. They held each other like that for several moments before Yuna reluctantly pulled away from him and smiled tearfully.

He brushed a finger against her cheek once again, and asked, “Why are you still crying?”

“I’m not sad,” she said. “I just am so happy. I thought I’d never see you again.”

“I didn’t think I’d ever be back,” he said solemnly. After a moment’s pause, he smiled brightly. “But let’s just forget about all that for now. The worst is over, right?”

She giggled. “You’re right! Let’s go back and tell the others!”

“Right on!” He grabbed her hand and lifted her to her feet. They gazed at each other for a few brief moments before he said quietly. “Yuna…”


“I…I love you, too.”

She grinned. “I know.”


// (MUSH…complete and utter MUSH…isn’t it great?) //


“Do you think she’s alright?”

Lulu frowned at Wakka as he paced around the lobby of the inn. He never was able to just calm down and relax, but this was nearly driving her insane. She had long since given up trying to relax in one of the inn’s comfortable chairs; she couldn’t calm her own nerves with him pacing around in agitation.

“Just sit down and quit worrying about Yuna, would you please?” she said firmly. “Why are you so concerned about her? Luca is a relatively safe place, you know that.”

“Well…I mean, you never know, Lu…I mean, you know, she might get…uh…robbed, or something. You never know what kind of people are still lurking about. She…uh…could fall in the water, and not have anyone to pull her out, ya? She could -.”

“Wakka, Yuna’s not a summoner anymore. She doesn’t need us to protect her. Sin is defeated, remember? She’s just Yuna now, and if she wanted us with her, she would have said so.”

Wakka sighed. “I know, but…”

“No. Stop. Let her be alone for now. She needs time to think things through. Everyone needs time to sort out the things in their lives that don’t seem to make much sense. You and I both should know that fairly well.”

“But…being alone when you’re grieving isn’t good, Lu,” Wakka argued, attempting to make an excuse. “What if she…you know, does something drastic?”

Lulu glared at him. “I can’t believe you just said that. Yuna’s not going to kill herself. She’s stronger than that. I would have thought you’d know that after all these years.”

He sighed, and nodded. “Yeah…yeah I know that. I just…wish there was something we could do to help her. Cheer her up, you know?” His frown turned into an angry glare. “Dammit! Why didn’t things work out? It just doesn’t seem right, you know? What’s the point in all of this celebration, if Yuna’s sad?”

“Yuna is strong,” Lulu said softly. “And we will be there for her.”

Wakka huffed. “I still say it isn’t right.”

“It doesn’t change anything,” she replied. “The people we lost are still lost. We can’t bring them…huh?”

Lulu’s eyes grew wide, her words trailing off into silence as she stared past Wakka. She covered her mouth in shock. Wakka frowned, completely confused. He followed her gaze, wondering what it was that could take the words out of her mouth.

“Lu…you look like you’ve seen a – what the hell?!”

Both of them stared at the sight before them that stood in the doorway, a huge smile on his face. They both looked quite the sight themselves with their mouths hanging wide open, their eyes bulging out, and their faces as white as a sheet. This just defied all laws of reason!

“Woah…” was all Wakka could say.

Tidus waved, feeling sort of embarrassed. He knew he probably should’ve expected a reaction like this. “Uh…hi guys!”

Lulu found her voice again, and smiled. “Well, now, this is definitely a surprise. I almost hate to ask how, but I guess it doesn’t matter, does it? You're here. Welcome back."

Tidus gave Lulu a lopsided grin and rubbed the back of his head. “Actually, I’m not really sure how I came to be here. But it’s good to be back!”

Wakka held up his hand and gave Tidus a high-five. “Welcome back, ya. Yuna, don’t you let this guy out of your sight again, you hear?”

She clutched Tidus’s arm. “I won’t!”

There was a moment of awkward silence. All of them had something to say, but couldn’t find the words to say it, and perhaps some words weren’t necessary.

“It’s really good to see you guys again,” Tidus said quietly.

Lulu nodded in understanding. “It’s good to see, you, too. For Yuna’s sake, I hope it’s more permanent this time.”

A flicker of worry quickly passed over his face before he covered it up with another bright grin. “It will be!” he declared cheerfully. Yuna grabbed his hand and began to lead him out the door.

“Come on, let’s go find Rikku and tell her the good news!” she exclaimed. “Bye everyone!”

“Hey, be careful!” Wakka called after them, but they were well out of hearing range by then. He stood at the doorway staring after them, a mixture of emotions on his face before he noticed Lulu was watching him, as well. He then turned to her and tried his best to smile a genuine smile. She wasn’t buying it.

“You’re not happy for Yuna?” she asked. “A minute ago you were ranting about how it’s not right that it didn’t work out for her, and now you’re acting like you’re disappointed.”

“No…it’s not that,” he replied. “Of course I’m happy for her. I’m happy that he’s back. This is more than any of us would have ever expected. I mean, come on…he was dead! And now he’s here…”

“Ah…yes. He’s here…it looks like his story has a happy ending, after all. Yuna’s as well.”

Wakka hung his head and sighed. “I know this probably sounds wrong, but…what about you, Lu? What about the rest of us? Where’s our happy ending?”

“How can you be so selfish?” Lulu retorted, and regretted her words the moment they came out of her mouth. It was wrong of her to accuse Wakka of being selfish, when she couldn’t blame him for how he felt. She knew what was going through his head, and while she felt the same way, she couldn’t let those feelings control her. She also couldn’t help but be angry at Wakka for continuing to remind her of all that she’d lost. “Just stop!” she yelled, not being able to put all of her anger into words.

“I’m not being selfish!” Wakka yelled back, his face red with fury. “Argh! I just don’t know, ya? That…that wasn’t what I was thinking!” Kicking the leg of an unfortunate chair, he cursed and started out the door.

“Where are you going?” she asked, a bit more harshly than she’d intended.

“I’m going out! I need some time alone, too.”

With that, he slammed the door behind him, causing her to flinch. She’d really made him angry this time. She sighed, frustrated, and sat back down on the sofa, crossing her legs. Hopefully, the celebration that night would help take her mind off of things…for a little while, at least.


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