Beach RP Logs

These are some selected logs from a Slayers Role Play, founded by Ryo Hoshi and Jen, back in August.
It takes place starting on a modern day beach resort, where the Slayer Cast is vacationing. Lemon warning! We are a fair lot of hentais, it seems, and there is Mature Content in some logs.  Those with explicit content will be marked, but most of the logs contain at least a little innuendo.  Also pardon the rabid OOCness in some of the logs.  You don't have time to think in RPs and this was the first RP of this style ever for some players. (Note, if anyone wants to see additional logs please contact me! Help editing said logs would be vastly appreciated ^_^)

Lina: Irony
Gourry (Captain Kelsey and Cop-Kun): BattleJoy Walton
Zelgadis: Elf From Space
Amelia: Ryo Hoshi
Xelloss: Calmity jen
Filia: Hana Kirei

Martina: CD
Prince Phil: Stan Sagan or Icka M Chif
Naga: WiteIris or Icka
Turtle-san, carafe, Insane Clerk etc: Icka.
Cast of Miscellaneous Characters: Icka, BJ, Dralore and others as needed.


Beach RP Log 09 24 01 Lina (not) Pregnant
Beach RP Log 09 25 01 Departure
Beach RP Log 09 25 01 Can I Borrow Your Libido?
Beach RP Log 10 01 01 Hotspring of Love (In Which No One Has Sex)
Beach RP Log 10 08 01 Luau
Beach RP Log 10 10 01 Turtle Lemon and Banana CreamLEMON WARNING
Beach RP Log 10 16 01 Lingerie Shop!
Beach RP Log 10 30 01 Batchelor Party (Part 1)
Beach RP Log 11 01 01 Batchelor Party (Part 2)
Beach RP Log 11 09 01 Weddings

Side Sessions and After Hours

Irony Notices a Lot of ^'sLEMON (or LIME to make Irony and BJ happy) WARNING
Princess Strip PokerLIME **NEW**


Fish Island From Logs 09 30 01 to 10 12 01
Zel and Chomper From Log 10 06 01
Zel in a Grass Skirt From Log 11 08 01
Zel Drunk From Log 11 01 01

Xelloss and Filia's Space