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Hi! Welcome to 'Obsession', a collective of fanfiction and fanart derived from some of my interests, affectionately known as obsessions.

It doesn't get updated as often as I would like to. I know the layout is quite boring but I don't really have the patience to fool with a more complicated layout. If I had time, maybe.

At any rate, I hope you enjoy at least part of my site.

Lame Excuses of the English Language
Where you'll find what fanfiction attempts I've made. Some in progress, some put on permanent hiatus.

aka "I Never Took An Art Class"

Nothing here yet. Who knows when there will be something here...

Websites that either currently or at one time kept my short attention span occupied for long periods of time.

What's New
Obviously this would be the section where I talk about my updates. Since there are so many...

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