Steph's Odd List of Links

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Golden - Love+Love - Sephira Jo's library of fanfiction. Contains works written by various artists, for various series, but mostly Inu-yasha fanfiction. Cute site, great layout! Also may I point out that my own fic "Jewel of Circumstance" is hosted there. ^_^

Blossoming Affection - huge site for Xelloss and Filia fanfiction. You can find my fic, "Restless Spirit" there, as well.

Royal Images - my very own shrine to Koenma of Yu Yu Hakusho. Keyword here: screencaps! home page - where you should really check out everyone else's sites. Good stuff - THE place for your fanfiction fix. If for some ungodly reason you don't know what fanfiction is, here's a prime example: X-files fan? Wanted Mulder and Scully to do a little extra investigating on their own time? *hint hint* (Oh and I quit watching that show long before David Duchovny left...he was smart). Well, fanfiction is nothing more than someone else's idea of how the story should go. Thank the Lord for producers and authors who either don't know about or don't care about that annoying thing called copyright infringement. - Sephiroth and Vincent Tribute (Final Fantasy 7).  Homepage of 'Irony of Fate', one of the best Final Fantasy 7 fanfics out there. - I don't think I need to explain...BUT if I do, this is Anime Web Turnpike. - Anime Nation, where I get my anime and pocky fix (ok, other than Ebay.) - I *really* hope I don't need to explain. - Dead Triangle, the site of another great Final Fantasy 7 fanfic, 'I Know What's Beneath the Snow Fields'.  I'm talking loooooooong stuff, here, people.  This one is at chapter 70 or 80 something and still not done. - Adult Fanfiction on the Net - Sakura Lemon Fanfiction Archive - Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi - Darkness Rising.  Large selection of Slayers fanfics and other fanfics. - Pass the Poison.  Excellent art site. - Nice place for an assortment of citrusy-flavored (adult) stories for various things.  Mostly 'Gargoyles' and 'Phantom of the Opera'.  Really good stories. - The Reikai Couple, Koenma and Botan (eeee, Koenma!) - Yu Yu Hakusho piccy gallery. - Milk and Honey, my absolute favorite Koenma shrine.  Beware of yaoi. - link to my stories. - a cool site with lemony fanfics and pictures, with fandoms including Inuyasha and others. Check it out!

Http:// - Inuyasha fansite. Must see!