The Art

I have here the few drawings that turned out decent when I put pencil to paper. I don't claim great quality, but I do claim at least some quality. I'd appreciate feedback on these.

Art is sorted from newest to oldest.


Original Fanart

Athletic chick - copied out of a "How to Draw Manga" book

Woman with legs crossed - I come up with the lamest titles.

Girl with hooded sweatshirt

Beach girl - inspired by a recent trip to the beach.

Angel with butterflies

Two angels, one good, one bad. Sort of a yin-yang picture

Country friends

Sketch of a random girl

Colored version of the above picture

My attempt at drawing a dragon. Looks like a horse.

Oooolllllllllllldddddd picture of an elf with a killer knife. Look out, Legolas.

Series Fanart

Integral Wingates Hellsing - from the anime series Hellsing.

Cid, as you've never seen him before! - (Note, there might be more of these)

Cid, colored - Don't say anything about the 'hoe'. (color and BG by Elffromspace)

Vincent Valentine as you have NEVER seen him before!

Vincent Valentine AGAIN...the remake! - (note, this has an actual story behind it, but it's much too complicated to go into.)

Title Picture for 'Jewel of Circumstance' ft. Yusuke & Inu-yasha

DragonBall Z sketch

Kora from my Final Fantasy X fanfic

Different version of the same character

Koenma of Yu Yu Hakusho, wrapped in a blanket (reow).

Koenma again

Koenma again, again

Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho

SD Kurama


Miroku (from Inuyasha) sketch

Miroku again

Sirius Black, aka Padfoot, from 'Harry Potter'.

Tifa, from Final Fantasy 7, and her daughter Karissa (her daughter is an original character found in the fanfiction, 'Astray' written by Frank Verderosa. You can find that story here: Oh No! Not Another Final Fantasy 7 Webpage!

Colored version of the above picture

Vash the Stampede, from 'Trigun'

Filia, from 'The Slayers' in a fancy dress. OLD picture

Filia and Xelloss, as they appear in my fanfic, 'Restless Spirit'

Xelloss (from 'The Slayers') and Elisa (my original character)

Xelloss and Elisa colored

Sketch of Xelloss