Trickster's Wedding Series

Trickster's Wedding

My cute dragon
Surgeon's General Warning:
The following story contains several blatantly mushy Xelloss and Filia scenes. Exercise caution if weddings are known to give you cavities. Beware of Zelgadis/Amelia, and Lina/Gourry hints. In addition there is a great deal of silliness, and general attempts at bad humor.
Author takes no liability for nausea or for harmful laughter caused by the reading of this story. Continue at your own risk...
Xel's so pritty in a dress!

Trickster's Wedding: My Illustrations: Fanart:
1. Violent Kiss Chapter 1 Pic
2. The Contest Chapter 2 Pic Secret by Zelas_ar!
3. Announcement Ch3 Pic, Colored
4. Preparations Ch 4 Sketch
5. The Wedding Ch 5 Cartoon Filia Scared by Irony! Filia in a wedding dress!
6. Try Again Chapter 6 Pic Binding Spell? and Spell in Color by Zelas_ar
7. Reception Ch7 Pic, Colored Wedding Another Wedding pic by Senritsu-chan
8. Honeymoon Filia Honeymoon by Dralore. Filia on a bed. Artist's Homepage (Grey Space)
8. Honeymoon *lemon*

Trickster Children:
Bridge and Prologue
1. Marital Bliss
2. Something New Chapter 2 sketch
3. Consequences PhilXel by Nite (Xelia). So cute! Xel/Fil's children.
4. Mother-in-Law Granny by Eowen Walton. Xel/Fil's children with Granny!
4.1 Character Descriptions Adrianna and Xavier Adrainna and Xavier by Senritsu-chan
5.Candy Adrianna by CatWho. "I had nothing to do with your kiln exploding, Mommy!" **New**

Glossary of Japanese words.

Zelas_ar drew me a Picture for my story!! Another of Zelas with the grandchildren! Zelas Children

If you would prefer to read this story in Russian (or if you want to send it through an auto translator for a laugh) Dyna has been incredibly cool and has begun translating it to Russian: Fanfic Index It's the one near the bottom titled "Ф. + Кс. =" (my computer can't read Russian either)

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