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Filia Dragon My name is Jane, aka Elf From Space, Space Elf Chan and occasionally Giant Squirrel Ghost. Ouch! Why are you toasting me Dragon?
In my pictures folder you can see some pictures I've taken.

I like Fantasy and Astronomy, alternative and foreign music and making people wonder about my sanity. I spent the summer in London and traveling around England Scotland and Wales. I LOVE old castles and Celtic knots carved in stone and all that old rot!
Vash!! *BANG!!* Oh No!! I also really like anime. I particularly like fantasy series, preferably with some comedy as well. Here's a partial list of my favorites. I've made several different sites and shrines to my favorite series, mostly Slayers and InuYasha.(Mini Vash thanks to Happy Donut Land). Vash! *drool*

Anime Sites

My beautiful collection of Sparkles, Glints and Love Bubbles!
Xelloss and Filia shrine for Slayers Xelloss and Filia's Space
Jaken Land A shrine for the Hottest Character in InuYasha!

Cheezy Doujinshi A collection of doujinshi scans from a wide variety of series. InuYasha, Lord of the Rings, Fullmetal Alchemist and more!

Personal Sites

My Livejournal Account Periodical ramblings
My Fanfic.net Account Some fanfiction that I've written.
Pictures of me, my family, friends and my artwork.
England Pictures Photos from the summer I spent in England.
Morrowind House Er... I think I had a little too much fun playing that game.
Vermont Advisory Articles Blog Mom's political site with info on her lawsuit.

Mmmmm...  Cheese You're not *gasp* Normal. Are you? *shudder* Mmmmm... Meat Cancer Sticks Not Allowed

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To contact me, email: elffromspace at yahoo dot com
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