My Pictures
Photo Gallery
Picture Description
Pics of Me
Pre PBO Before I donated my hair to the Poor Bald Orphans (Locks for Love).
Post PBO After donating my hair to said needy children.
Me-Rainbow Me... and a rainbow ^^;;
Physics Mug A mugshot of me taken for the students I teach to remember me by.
Frisbee A picture of me with my tongue out taken at a company picnic.
My Family
Mom Don't tell me I look just like my mom! I'm aware there is a slight resemblance.
Degus Our Degus sleeping in an old shoe. Jim has died ;_; But Jack is still causing trouble.
Pippin My cute, hyper, gerbil. He's in Vermont with my parents.
Merry My new gerbil, who is evil and likes to throw his litter on the floor, but is oh, so cute in his ball.
Tree(Theresa) Demon Unusually scary pic of my sister plotting evil at the computer.
Graduation 1 My and my siblings at my graduation.
Grad 2 Me and Dad.
Grad 3 Me and Mom.
Theresa's Puffy Eye Poor kid, but this is a really funny picture.
Scary Theresa pic What happens with the above pic and photoshop.
Chuck Hat A picture of my brother thinking a pillow is a pirate hat.
Rabbit Ears My friend Margaret and her boyfriend Jeremy
Margaret and Beth My two best high school friends
Elmore And a funny pic of the professor I work for.
Miscellaneous Stuff
Gladdys Gladdys, my calico car that I love *heart* She has now passed on, and I mourn
IPPG My Insane Psycho Pigeon Gargoyles (IPPG) who guard my bookshelf and give everyone evil looks.
Vashy My Pervy Houseplant who gets on my computer while I'm innocently asleep.
Turtle-san Turtle-San! He's lovable, Cuddlable and Vibrates too! Watch out or he'll eat your underwear.
Giant Squirrel Ghost One of my favorite silly nicknames, this Giant Squirrel likes to haunt chatrooms and be silly.
garden A rock garden I built/planted to annoy my brother when he mows the lawn.
Lantian Dragon This is a painting I did which was inspired by Irony's novel-in-progress "Prince Lantian" **NEW**
Sunset My favorite water color of a sunset with trees, hills, lake...**NEW**
Alarion World Map A imaginary map I drew for a fantasy game.
Dragon Spur Map The map of the major region of interest from the above world map.
Organic Chemistry Wizard The wizard cross-stitch I made. Much of it was done sitting in the back of Organic Chemistry lectures.
River The Shannon river in Ireland I painted with water colors.
Tree Water color tree.
Knot Celtic knot with Ireland pictures.
Dragon Another Dragon pic I drew for Margaret. Scratchboard..
StillLife A water color of my desktop one day.
Scratchboard A picture of some castle.
Botticelli A very old high school project to copy a Botticelli picture.