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Morrowind: The Best Interior Decorating Adventure Game Ever

I love the game Morrowind. I have beaten the game and the Mournhold expansion pack once and started a second game (If anyone has tips on why I am having so much trouble becoming a vampire even before becoming immune to all diseases let me know!)
My favorite pathetic waste of time is decorating my various homes. The Telvanni stronghold is actually mine, but the others are just places where I killed the resident (two for bounties and the one in Aldruun just attacked me)
following are pictures, mostly of my various homes:

Thieryn My character
Thieryn2 Again wearing cooler clothes and an awesome sword from Mournhold
Squeakers My Pack Rat in Mournhold. I love Squeakers!

I only have one picture of my Balmoral home. I got that one when I killed the orc for the Fighter's Guild bounty
Patchwork Quilt I didn't like the way the bed looked so I put clothes on it

My Aldruun home that previously belonged to a cultist:
Aldruun Home I marked it with candles to be easier to find in a sandstorm
Rust Cogs Every time I went to a dwarven ruin I'd make an extra trip or two using Amlsivi Intervention and Recall spells to gather all of these. In the background is my silverware.
Trinkets A few odds and ends I collected. My favorite is Skink's Head on the bottom shelf ^_^
Evil Shrine The best bit of this house is the Eeeevil Shrine in the basement! I add any extraneous evil stuff I get to it like the pyramid of daedra's hearts and I have at least half the ash statues in the game here. I think...
Evil Souls In alphabetical order ^_^

My Telvanni Tronghold is the best.
Outside View I love the vines and mushrooms!
Flower Carpet Such a nice thing to come home to!
Christmas TreesThis is an awesome room. Important quest items laid out on silver plates on the table, and gems all through the trees.
Spiral Stairs the stairs in the same room, decorated with throwing stars.
Skull Hallway Skulls make great decorations
Dungeon I got my own dungeon! Here's some of the remaining Ash Statues ^_^
GiantSoul Gem This is the foundation of my fortress.
Trophies A few more odds and ends. And my character isn't even wanted for killing the owners of these since they were in that shrine way to the northeast.

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