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If you want to submit anything please send it to elffromspace at yahoo dot com I love Xelloss/Filia stuff, or Trigun (so it doesn't fit the theme. It's cool). Other Slayers stuff is good to, my own preferences being Xelloss/Filia, Lina/Gourry and Zel/Am. Anything I post I WILL proofread. I will accept lemons. ****Lemons are stories that describe people having sex. Do NOT read fics marked as **Lemon** if you object to that****.


Edited by SpaceElf

By #Slayers ( After Hours Program:
The Cure of Love Humorous Zelgadis/Amelia lemon **LEMON WARNING! Do NOT read if under 18** ffnet reviews
What's in a Book? Xelloss finds Filia reading a romance novel and they end up trying to reenact it. Literally. Sexual humor **LEMON WARNING! Do NOT read if under 18****NEW**

By Xelloss and Filia Lemon ML:
Xelloss and Filia Bondage Thingy Round Robin fic about Xel and Fi's bondage fun. **Rated R for implied sex** ffnet reviews **NEW**

By #InuYasha (
Condition #2: Bish In Drag Day Inu Yasha based spontaneous RP. Lack of Sleep + obsession with Bishes in Drag can be scary ffnet reviews**NEW**


By Halfling Rogue:
Loopholes Short fic in which Zelas deals with her servant and his distractions. Very good!

By J-Chan:
Aftermath A very short and angsty fic about Xelloss.
Who Made The Maker? Sweet sequel to Aftermath: what happens after the end of everything.

By Truckingman:
Demon With Out A Cause A Song-Spoof sung by Xelloss Warning: Explicit Language

Fan Art

By Battlejoy. homepage: Lina's Crappy Construction Company
Granny Xel/Fil's children with Granny!

By calamity jen. Homepage: Forced Habit
Sol Sol is jen's character, her own idea of what Xelloss and Filia's child might be like. Looks a little like Xavier, but looks and parentage seem to be all they have in common!

By Cynthia Fung
A great couple shot of Xelloss and Filia.

By Dralore. homepage: Lunar Eclipse
Filia Honeymoon A not too hentai honeymoon scene.

By Elf From Space: Most of these are illustrations for my story Trickster's Wedding
Violent Kiss Hmmm... strangle him, decapitate him, or kiss him...
Contest "Remember Filia, if you want to win you can't move no matter what!" ^_^
Announcement, Colored "We're getting married!"
Xel's Dress "You are NOT wearing that to the wedding!"
I Am NOT in Love With HIM/HER!!! "Then why are you getting married?" ^^;;;
Catch This time he doesn't drop her.
An EGG!! So that's why Filia's been craving so much calcium
Adrianna and Xavier How I imagine the children.
Zel and Chomper Zel with his clothes being chewed off by piranhas from the Beach RP.
Zel Drunk From the Batchelor's Party in the RP

By Irony!
Filia Scared Filia in a wedding dress!

By Senritsu-chan
BEAUTIFUL Xel/Fil wedding pic.
Adrianna and Daddy So CUTE!!!**NEW**
Adrianna and Xavier another great illustration of the children from my fic!**NEW**
Chainmail Wow, hope that new outfit of Filia's isn't too uncomfortable**NEW**
What? It Stretches. Hehehe Xelloss's idea of a present.**NEW**
Wanderer Xel dressed up as.. Not sure what but it's cool! **NEW**
Adrianna and Xavier The first fanart I received of the Trickster Twins!
Xelloss to Filia Xelloss and Filia!!! In some really neat clothes.
Snuggle Xel and Fil getting close!
Argue Xelloss and Filia arguing.
My Clothes!!! Xelloss decided to 'borrow' Filia's dress. "XELLOSS!! Those are MY clothes!"
For Here Or To Go? Amelia serving fast food. Really cute!
Sunset Xel looking hot in modern clothes.
Karaoke Xelloss singing.
Flip! What happens when you flip a Dragon's skirt up?
Errr... Filia in leather (Reminds me of one of Ryo Hoshi's fics..)
Chibi a la Mode Martina with a chibi Xel.
Xelloss Crossdressing:
Dragon Fan
Xelloss Saturn
And a series of pics of Xelloss' imaginary younger sister Xavie:
Kawaii Xavi: dressed as cardcaptor Sakura.
Just Like Onii-chan
Elf From Space Hehe! A really cute picture of my own internet Identity
Fox One of her original characters **NEW**

By Laura Redway
Couple Xelloss and Filia looking sweet. Pencil.
Couple 2 Beautiful Xelloss and Filia picture with some interesting clothing distribution ^_^ Pencil.
Couple 3 Yet another lovely pencil sketch of our favorite couple.
Xelly and Filia Xel has caught Filia by surprise. Wonder what he's saying...
Xelloss Sketch A nice pencil Sketch of Xelloss.
Another Xelloss Sketch On the floor this time.

By Megs97
Chibi Zel Colored pencil I think. A cute Chibi Zelgadis.
Xelloss and Zelgadis
Valgarv Shown with the halves of his face before and after he became a monster.
Zelgadis Hurt
Zelgadis Depressed
Rezo and Zelgadis based on an official picture.
Zelgadis Duality Before and after he became a chimera.

By Sarah Milton
Sailor Earth and Evil Xelloss From an RP which Sarah plays in, a very nice Xelloss pic while he's tormenting the heroine.
"Genku Desu, Mrs. Earth?" Xelloss tormenting the poor Sailoresque heroine again.
Xelloss Character sketch of Xelloss.

By Silk
She Is Mine WARNING: Partial nudity. This is an awesome picture of Xelloss holding a pregnant Filia. He looks so protective!!

By xel metallium
Wow. More fanpics of Adrianna and Xavier. It's so interesting to see how different people draw them.
Adrianna Fanart
Xavier Fanart

By Zelas_ar!
Trickster Title Pic
Binding Spell? Color
Zelas Children Another of Zelas with the grandchildren!

Xelloss and Filia's Space