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Welcome to 'Royal Images', my humble little shrine to Koenma of the anime, 'Yu Yu Hakusho'.

Here you will find screencaps, and lots of them. Three pages of images of the luscious prince of the Underworld in his hella fine adult form. You won't find any images of him as the little brat. You're free to use these screencaps in whatever way you wish. You don't really even have to link back, though if you get the pictures from me, it would be nice. However, anyone with a DVD player and a screencap grabber could have taken the exact same pictures, so it really doesn't require a whole lot of effort, it was just time-consuming.

I've added one fanfiction, a crossover with "Inuyasha", fanart, wallpaper and Livejournal avatars to this site in addition to the screencaps. Enjoy!

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