Why I am Obsessed with Koenma

1. He has a pacifier and *still* looks damn good (in adult form)

2. He did actually stand up and fight once, even though Yusuke stopped him

3. Those couple of episodes were awesome and I've watched them a million times

4. It showed that he has a rebellious streak, too

5. He has hidden power

6. He, like myself, is entertained by lots of violence

7. He can take on an extremely hot adult form (have I mentioned this already?)

8. He is one of those characters that is desperately in need of a love life and for some odd reason that type is intriguing to me...maybe it's because I don't have one, either

9. He takes his job seriously

10. He has been around for a long time (700 years) therefore he knows a lot

11. He's rich

12. Have I mentioned that he's extremely hot in his adult form?