1/30/04 Quite a few new scans on Grey-Space.net, but that's sort of a different site, really.  Also a Jaken Shrine.  Here I've updated Glintillation twice with lots of new pretty glints and sparkles.  Also, due to EVIL SPAMMERs who have overwhelmed my email box, all comments should henceforth be added to my guestbook.  Leave a way for me to get back with you and I will (try spelling out your email backwards if you fear spammers)

9/19/03 Actually haven't been logging all the updates here.  Mostly small things.  More pervy scans on the sister site at grey-space, and little fixes here.  Thanks those who keep my linky list up to date!

6/27/03 Doujinshi scans have been moved to www.grey-space.net where I am allowed to host the hentai ones too.  Included is a Xelloss/Filia Hentai! ^_^
Also I think it's time to be upfront about Trickster's Children.  Most people have already noticed it's been over a year since I updated this fic.  I still like it, I know how it ends, I just haven't been motivated to write it lately.  Anyone wanting spoilers, just ask, but don't wait too impatiently for an update.  I'm sorry ;_;

2/25/03 Long time no-updates, but the site is not forgotten.  The two largest recent additions are the Glintillation Shrine to Teeth Glints and the Doujinshi Scans.  Check them out!

3/31/02 Happy Easter! Finally LONG overdue updates!  Chapter 5 of Trickster Children is up and I'm already starting the next.  The plot has gotten complex so be patient.  Also fixed the Linky List

3/24/02 Chronicle of the hosting services has hopefully ended finally.  Site was moved to briefly150M after prohosting deleted it with no explanation.  But now Ryo and I are moving into our new domain www.ainself.net let's hope to stay! ^_^
I've finally posted new fanart by Laura Redway and they're lovely! Also check the RP logs, for an actual index and another log edited in boredom.

2/13/02 Some new fanart and a fansong by Trucking Man.  Moving the whole site to a new service TWICE is a royal pain!!  First losing the Purdue account and then Envy died ^^;; There are a few general fixes that happened with the move (along with a number of new errors to make up for it) 

12/5/01 Edited logs from the Slayers Beach RP which has been distracting me lately! Also posted a Z/A lemon written by a group effort in the Guestworks section, and an essay by CD as a Guest Columnist.

11/11/01 More screencaps again and there are lots of silly captions if you rest your mouse over the thumbnails! ^_^

10/02/01 Continual construction in the screencaps galleries. Just keep checking back. A few more toons added to silly stuff along with a really old thing about If The Slayers Were Fruit.

9/28/01 Photos from my summer in England, and added a few pictures of my friends and a watercolor to my personal picture section. Also a lot more screencaps.

9/6/01 Added Silly Stuff Section. New toons. Received a super cute Hamster Award too ^_^.

8/28/01 Sketch of Xavier on the TW page. Lots of new Fanart in the Guestworks section. New Japanese links for awesome fanarts.

8/4/01 Character Descriptions including my original characters. and descriptions of Xel, Fil and Zelas. Pics from Senritsu-chan in the GuestWorks section. Tree's Pocket Bishonen collection.

7/20/01 Updated the Arguments (Debates) for Xelloss and Filia section with some very...interesting input from GUBT...

6/27/01 Chapter 3 Trickster Children, and some wonderful fanart!

5/22/01 Guest Works section Similarities between Xelloss and Filia from BattleJoy. Screencaps folder.

5/19/01 Another award. Thanks!
Added Guest Works section. Only one fic there so far but it needed a place and people have been threatening to send more..

3/31/01 Chapter 3 of Trickster Children. Posted Nite's picture after much begging. She didn't draw it for my story, but it was so cute!!

3/28/01 First email for X/F Debates. Other Couples I support.

3/26/01 Added a scene and a sketch to chapter 2 of Trickster Children.

3/23/01 Added Polls. Illustration for chapter 4 of TW.

3/21/01 Awards/Webrings section with award for Cute-Weird Couple. Chapter 2 of Trickster's Sequel (still unnamed) up!!

2/28/01 Zelas_ar and Irony sent FanArt!!!!! Illustration for Trickster's Wedding.

2/25/01 Silly cartoon in Trickster's Wedding. Result of a boring lecture and thinking back on Chapter 5.

2/15/01 Chapter 1 of sequel to Trickster's Wedding!

2/3/01 Xel/Fil Arguments section.

1/24/01 Chapter 8 of Trickster's Wedding.

1/23/01 Guest Book for Xelloss and Filia's Space. Updates page.

1/20/01 Pictures in personal page. Added Reasons to Xelloss and Filia's Space.

1/12/00 Site Founded. Thanks for the html help Dralore and Ophelia.

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