Ever wonder how to tell if an anime guy is truly hot?  Sometimes it's a little hard to tell with the unusual hair colors and the occasionally Super Deformed faces.  Well wonder no longer!  There's one sure-fire way to pick out a hot anime guy!  All they have to do is curl their lips a little, give a bit of a smile and then..

*Insert Angelic Choirs here*


View the Teeth Glint of Glory!

Yes, just one look at that sparkling example of good teeth is enough to make a Rabid Fangirl's heart melt *melts*

I am Viewing it and it is Glorious!

Or maybe I just have a strange thing for Purple Monks....

Hey you cheated!!

HEY!  No more cheating and adding your own Glints!


Method #2 for detecting hotness:

**Angelic Choir begins singing but then faints from Hotness overdose**


See me faint!!

Although some methods are not always fool proof:

My Mullet Avatar!

And now for more Hotness! If you have an Glints please submit them for my Gallery Of Glintillation!

 Glints, Sparkles and Bish Bubbles! Each link is to a larger directory!
Chrno Crusade
So holy!
Death Gods.
Detective Loki Ragnarok
Godly Glints!
Full Metal Alchemist
I think Alex's sparkles are permanently affixed!
Fruits Baskets
Everything Sparkles in FB!
Full Metal Panic
Battle Glints!
Haunted Junction
Ghostly Sparkliness!
InuYasha Glints.
King of Bandits Jing
It's the Sparklies!
Brain Eating Sparkles!
Princess Tutu
Brain Eating Sparkles!
Rune Soldier Louie
Magical Manly Sparkles!
Such sparkliness!
Lots and Lots of Glints!

PLAY GLINTEMON TOO! Gotta catch em all! And I mean Glints, Sparkles and Bishie Bubbles! If anyone has seen any of these elusive beasts wandering around anime please aid in my efforts to capture them and keep them safely here, where their fearsome power is controlled! I prefer if you can either take the screencap, or else tell me the series name, episode number and approximate time stamp to elffromspace at yahoo dot com

Special Thanks to: Eloy Brightdreamer, Diane, Kelly, Jennie, Imbrii, Sharlene and Hemuloki Scantranslations for their donations!

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