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Top 10 Signs Xelloss and Filia Have Been in Town

You've Read Too Many Mushy Xelloss/Filia Fics When...

If the Slayers Cast were Fruit.


She'll never find me here!
Never take a dragon's tea!
We're back! Where's the food?
Dragon Ball Z

From Jhiend. homepage: Jhiend's Rock
"Filia." "Xelloss?" "I..." (mushy pause. Takes hand) "Got Ya!!"
"Hey, Filia...."

From Battlejoy.
Who are all these people watching us?
Disco Time!
Don't we have a mission?
Gourry's Fashion Troubles
The dangers of stress...
Hard working dragons need something a little stronger...
Val tries his hand at fortune telling.
I really hope Xelloss is joking....
How to make Fried Swordsman.

From Dralore. homepage: Grey Space
Faster than a speeding bullet, he can deceive 10,000 people with a single smile!
What happens when Slayers gets aired on Fox Kids...

From Reanna King
Rope Dress

Xelloss and Filia's Space