Space Elf's Infamous Xelloss and Filia Linky List!

Space Elf's Infamous Xelloss and Filia Linky List!!

Terms of use: In order to keep this the most complete list of Xelloss/Filia supportive sites you must keep me informed! If you: 1. Know of a site I should include (if it's not your own I'll ask the owner for permission) 2. Your site is on the list and you moved it (fickle troublemaker) or you want to add to the description (Helpful soul) 3. You find a dead link, then TELL ME!  Due to Spam, I ask that you sign my Guestbook to tell me.  Note... I have moved on and have only minimally updated this list the past few years.  Some of the links are still there, but many have moved on.  Sorry ;_;



New (and Active as of 2005) Links:

Rockdad's Favorite Couple Nice looking and NEW site!

Mail Lists and WebRings:
the-dragon-and-the-demon Xel/Fi ML! Join the Mailing List to get the latest fanfics/fanarts and interesting discussions.

My Favorite X/F sites:
Violet and Gold: Must See! Crystal Dawn Phoenix has wonderful fanfics+more.

Blossoming Affections:  A collective site with TONS of fanfics and X/F stuff gathered from all over.

Pass the Poison: Calamity Jen's page of creativity. The most awesome collection of art online, and several fanfics including Slayers Always.

Library of Slayers Creativity: Wonderful collection of slayers fanwork. Supports trad couples including Xelloss and Filia. The domain that Ryo Hoshi and I now share. Check out her sites for more fics!

Majo-chan's Page of Miscellaneous Things: See title. Majo art is the best!!

Twisted: Nice Xelloss Filia shrine!

Darkness Rising: The Xel/Fi subdirectory at Darkness Rising, the biggest Slayers fanfic archive out there!

Obsessions: Steph's current obsessions include X/F fics and Inu Yasha ^_^ The biggest collection of fanfics online!

Vexations Guild: A guild that indexes Xelloss and Filia fanfics! Useful summaries before you read. (Note, not complete)

RoyalE ColourS: A very impressive page artistically. Good, well informed, essays.

Xel/Fil Couple Sites:
Just Another Xelloss/Firia Shrine!: Neat little couple site. Very nice fics, etc.

Masked Love: Nice graphics and expanding content.

Michiru's Realm: A nice little personal site with several X/F fics. 

Princess Fireball's Site Dedicated to Xellos and Filia Coupledom: Fanfic site, couple shrine. Some cute fics too!

Scooter's Xel/Fil Shrine A bit out of date, but another Xel/Fil page with a bit of fanart/fic.

Slayers JewelBox: Xelloss/Filia, Zelgadis/Amelia fanworks archive.

Slayers Moon: Separate shrines for all the Trad couples including X/F.

We're Stinking: Yet another little couple shrine.

Lizard Lips & the Namagomi: The Prolific G-fan's Xel Fil site.

Character Sites With A X/F Bias:
Xelloss Abode: Xelloss site with a strong Xel/Fi bias. Includes fanfics and good essays.

Bow to Xellos: Xelloss site with lots of fun things to do.

Dragon Girl Diner: This site has seemed to come and go several times, and changes names frequently. But it's one of the most painstakingly designed pages I've seen and has tons of great info!

Filia's Dragon Lair: Another nice Filia site. Greeting cards!

Dragon Heart: Really Old Filia Shrine

Sore wa himitsu desu!: Xelloss shrine with some cute fanart!

Sites That Include X/F Fanfics:
2 Baka's Page: Caro and Ari's page! Always changing! Cute pictures and stories.

Largely Lina Xelloss Literature Like the title says.. But read the Untitled X/F one near the bottom!

Lina's Hungry!: Entertaining Slayers site with good Xel/Fi fics! (In Dreams, Truce,& Falling to Intrigue)

Meeshy's Fanfiction: Meeshy's stories. Some are Xel/Fil some Xel/Amelia. All are very good. For the lemon version of "Confessions" email her at Meeshy

 Shimmering Lies: Fic Archive. My favorites are "More Than Words" and "Switch" by Dragon Girl17!

Slayers Beacon of Light Amidst Darkness: Great fanfics. The only time I've seen Zel/Lina fics In Character. Slayers AD, Dragons Rule, and Slayers HS include great Xel/Fil scenes too.

Slayers Hilarious: Lots of content. Fantastic picture gallery. Very long Xel/Fi fic: The Forbidden.

Tuxedo Zelgadis: Zelgadis and Tuxedo Mask. Pictures, sounds, animated gifs... Twist is a Xel/Fi fanfic.

Scorpio Dragon: Under the Surface has cute Xelloss and Filia. Slayers in Dreamland is a nice read too! (Filia: "Pervert! You just liked the Z/A lemon!")

 Slayer's Anime World: Simone's site of slayers fics and couples stuff.

Lemons (Sites that include Xel/Fil lemons but may have non-lemons too):
Alchemist's Tea: Irk's Fanfic Archive. Both lemon and non-lemon fanfics and a fancomic. **New**

Lemonade: When Life Gives You Lemons... CD's lemon page with doujinshi scans too! **Temporarily (I hope) Down!***

Lemon Archive: Slayers Lemon archive sorted by couple.

Fanart sites: These sites aren't English but have impressive Xelloss/Filia Art.
The Sea OF Chaos: an AWESOME fanart site. Mostly in Korean, but that won't stop you from enjoying the art. For Xel/Fi start with L and juyan's art.

Chaotic Exhibition: Found it again! Another Japanese site with beautiful Xel/Fi pics. Wow!

Chaos - Slayers no Sekai. A German site with some nice fanart including X/F. Also some cute doujins! **New**

And a big thanks to Feria for sending these links!
Index Novels Novels Illustrations
Index Novels Illustrations Art&Novel
Index Novel&Illustration Novel&Illustration: There are many great novels in this site, include the lemon. The illustrations are few.
Index Novels Novels Illustrations Illustrations Illustrations: There are some illustrations in every fanfiction, so please see them.

Other Slayers Links (non Xel/Fil)

Alone: A Sylphiel Shine Li-chan has put a TON of work into this Sylphiel site and it's paid off with the best Sylphiel site on the web.

Amethyst Angel Great comics! Hamlet the Manga is a MUST read and Wraith of Invicar has Slayers Meets Monty Python!

Mysterious Priestess's Den of Slayers Silliness: Entertaining collection of.... Slayers Silliness!

Slayers Serious Artwork, themes, character studies and writings of Hajima Kanzaka and the world of Slayers.

Ameria and Zelgadiss: Royal Blue Mailing List A fanlist for my second favorite Slayers couple.
Lina Gourry Mailing List More cool people with too much time on their hands to discuss Anime couples and write fanfics.

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