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Xelloss and Filia: Debates

Arguments Against the Couple and My Replies

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1. Xelloss Murdered Thousands of Filia's Race!
From Miranda S: I'm sure Filia will fall head over heels in love with someone who ENJOYED and BRAGS ABOUT murdering her family...

This is why Filia hates Xelloss so much at first sight. But this hatred is largely based on old prejudices between the races. True, Xelloss killed an immense number of golden dragons, but that was during a war. How many mazoku did the dragons kill? Considering the Gold's actions against the Ancient Dragons it is quite possible that the Ryuzoku brought this on themselves. Early in the series Filia believes so firmly in the rightness of her cause and in her people that she can't see past the lies they told her. In those early episodes she shows signs of some fascination with Xelloss in the way she reacts to him, but she also believes he is such a being of pure evil that she could never admit to it. This is where you see the strong hints of a love/hate type relationship. As the show progresses Filia's hatred of him seems to decrease, being replaced by the odd smile. Perhaps when she realized that her race was not so perfect, she also realized that mazoku might not be completely evil. And we don't really know if he enjoyed it, or if his bragging is more bravado than anything else.
Also, you can't always control who you fall in love with. There are many cases of people falling in love in spite of a feud, and against their own best interests. In Filia's case she can cause an awful lot of damage trying to deny it, but sometimes the truer something is the harder you try and deny it.

2. Mazoku Can't Love

A lot of people tell me "In some interview with the creator he said this" Well sorry I can't read Japanese! I've been given enough false info, that I choose to use only that information I get directly from the anime. In the show see no proof that mazoku don't have emotions. There seems to be evidence that the higher level mazoku pick up emotions from others especially after prolonged exposure. At the end of Next Xelloss acts almost human as he fights along side the group. At other times he acts a lot more like a mazoku should, but who can tell what his true personality is like. He is always wearing masks making it impossible to gauge his true nature. The only time he really loses control and drop all the masks is around Filia. Who knows. But the irony of a mazoku in love with a ryuzoku seems like just the sort of chaos LON would love. If the Ryuzoku can hate then it seems so unbalanced to have mazoku incapable of love. I can't believe LON'd make mazoku as purely evil as people claim when having just a drop of good mixed in makes things so much more interesting. That's what fanfiction is about. Exploring interesting possibilities and having fun.

3. Filia Belongs With Valgarv?

Sorry to all you Val/Fil fans out there, but I can't even see this one. With Xelloss and Filia I see a classic anime romance in the constant fighting with the occasional, and strongly denied soft moment. But with Valgarv? First Filia is curious about him. Then she begins to learn the truth and she feels guilty about what her race did. In the scene where Xelloss and Valgarv fight Filia tries to make them stop, calling out both names, but it is Xelloss who she helped afterwards. When she interacts with Val I see a caring concern that she would give anyone in danger because of her kind heart, nothing more. And even if she did have feelings for Val, in the end it can't work. Once she adopts him as her son that ends any hope for romance.

4. From Miranda S: I doubt Zelas Metallium would approve and since Xelloss is Zelas's priest/general, he would obey her no matter what...whatever Zelas wants, so does he.

I definitely agree that Zelas not approving would be a problem. Xelloss is extremely loyal, and it would take a LOT for him to defy Zelas to get Filia. But we know very little about Zelas. She's very calculating and predatory, but seems to fall victim to vices like smoking and drinking. It is a strong possibility for her NOT to approve of the match, but I can also imagine her allowing it. She might simply not care what Xelloss does for fun as long as it doesn't interfere with work. Or she may even find some hidden agenda that could benefit from the match. That's the basic plot of my story (somewhere under all the silliness). Seeing the way dark and light power is able to combine to make something more powerful than either makes me think of very interesting possibilities. For one thing, if it were possible for them to have a child, Zelas might find that child to be very useful...

5. Mazoku survive on hatred, meaning if THEY love someone or someone loves them, that will only hurt them. For example, Xelloss was flinching when Amelia did her "Life is wonderful, life is wonderful!" speech...

I love that scene! Mazoku definitely don't like or benefit from positive emotions. But Xelloss and Filia have more a love/hate relationship so he gets as much negative from her as positive. I never said it would be an ideal relationship for them, it's just one that seems to have more, in show evidence than any other besides the true trad couples. Also mazoku may not like positive emotions, but that doesn't mean they are immune to them.

6. From Baka Desu:
XELLOS IS MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He he! Actually this is one of the most common reasons people don't like certain couples. Most people won't admit to it, but a lot of times there is jealousy when one character is seen as soo cool and sooo attractive (like Xel is! ^_^) and people think another character simply is not worthy. Well, for one thing, I'm sorry Baka Desu, but you're real and much as I hate it Xel is imaginary. So you can't have him!!! Baka!! And second, I think Filia is a really cool character too! I mean she's so nice and she has such a big mace for beating people!

7. From GUBT:
Mazoku don't have a sex, so do not engage in any sexual activity, so cannot breed in the normal way.

Reply from Irony: Say mazoku can shape-shift at will. There's no reason why Xelloss need keep using the same form after Lina et al know who he really is. Maybe he kept using it so that they'd be comfortable around him... but then, why in the credits of TRY do we see him reporting to Zeras, still with that same body? It looks to me as if Xelloss thinks of 'what I look like' as being that specific shape. Or say each Mazoku has two forms; their 'monster' shape and their 'humanoid' one, and that's it. Xelloss' humanoid shape is male. Either way, Xelloss identifies himself as a 'he.' He thinks of himself as male. My take on breeding. There really is no evidence in the show to go on so anything is possible. In my fanfic (Chapter 2 of TC) I offered a theory. Nothing happens if they just have sex. They're not humans and not the same race and it seems a little dificult. But what if the actual breeding took place when they recklessly merged their powers together, their powers being tied to their true beings.

8. From GUBT:
Xelloss can pretend to have sex, but it would be utterly mechanical for him. Mazoku don't have a metabolism so they don't need to eat food - but Xelloss can consume it if he wants to pretend.

Reply by Irony: If mazoku are in fact completely self-important beings, then they're probably quite self-indulgent, too. They do things that give them pleasure. For example: Xelloss is seen to eat in NEXT... and a couple of times in TRY. He is seen to drink tea, apparently just for the sake of doing so. Why would he do this when he doesn't have to? My guess is he likes it. He enjoys indulging his senses. If he can enjoy the taste of tea, why can't he enjoy an orgasm? My reply: People say mazoku exist in the astral plane and their physical bodies are merely a projection. But that projection looks pretty complete to me. What stops him from making that physical projection complete right down to nerve fibers?

9. From GUBT:
If it was possible [to breed] I expect this would touch off a big dragon and elf female hunt by the Mazoku and force them to cross-breed in order to fill out their lower ranks.

All of this is complete speculation at this point! I made the assumption that it was not general knowledge. It's not something most mazoku are likely to try. In my fic hint that Zelas had an idea what would happen (she's the one that made kinky sex suggestions to Xel, causing the pregnancy) but even she was uncertain. Some other mazoku may try it, but the whole thing is a risky business and rather difficult to pull off. And how easy is it to find a dragon/elf willing to co-operate?

10. From GUBT:
Anyone who is well-versed in the Slayers universe knows that Mazoku and Ryuzoku are NOT opposites. Not even close. They're enemies because it's natural for mortal beings to be against the Mazoku who wish for the end of the world, and being the highest of all the mortal races, the Ryozoku are the most likely group to try and defend the world. It is the Shinzoku that are Mazoku's direct opposites, but those Dragon God-Kings do nothing but sleep until parts of Ruby-Eye show up, so they don't count.

Ok, sorry, but this is just way off! It contradicts every source I've seen like the diagrams showing the pyramid with the Mazoku on one half, the Ryuzoku on the other and the humans in the middle. It also makes no sense! It's unbalanced. There are 5 Demon Lords and 4 Dragon Lords. That makes sense. The other mazoku and the other dragons serve these lords and they, too, are opposites.

Thanks guys for contributing! ^_^ Thanks also the the Demon and Dragon ML for helping with the replies, especially Ryo Hoshi, Li-Chan and Irony who helped the get thinking even when I didn't quote them directly.

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