Awards and WebRings


OMG there are a lot of bored people out there!!
Wow! There are a LOT of bored people out there!! And Irony finally made me a banner in commemoration for the bored people YAY! Thanks Irony!!

The cutest award I've ever seen!  Hamster!
Thanks Ashleigh!! Webpage: The Slayers Warren

A Very Just Award
Thanks Lynda!! Webpage: The Slayers Warren

Cutest/Weirdest Couple.  I can't argue with that! ^_^;;
Given to me by Linky Maxwell. Webpage: Cobalt Slayers

My site makes Filia smile?  And I thought she'd destroy it for even suggestion her paired with Xelloss!
Thanks Filia. Webpage: Filia's Dragon Lair

A chimera in need.  Chimera have rights too!! :D
Thanks J-chan. Webpage: Silence of the Spirit


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If anyone ever, for some unfathomable reason, wants to link to my page feel free! I would love it if you emailed to let me know. Then I can go to your site and click on the link to watch it work. (click) ....oooooohhhh.. nifty! (clicks again)
You may chose one of these banners, or make your own, or use a text link, whatever.
Please link to the main page: Xelloss and Filia's Space.

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