Once Upon a Time in Saillune
After around three years of work, the first chapter is done and posted here. Don't hold your breaths waiting for the next chapter...
Also, a general clean-up has been performed on the site's code.

New draft of the first chapter. Maybe it's near done this time...

The site was moved to ainself.net and has now lost its board. Not much of a loss, since nobody used it.

New draft. I think I may have the rough draft done this year -- which would make this chapter only about six times as long as I had planned it on being, and over a year overdue.

Just a minor update, today. I've updated the chatter on the story pages, fixed something I neglected to on the thank-yous, and other minor stuff. Sorry for the long delay; I hope to have the first chapter finished and to my prereader soon. I had to take a break...

I had been planning on getting a new draft up, but I'm waiting to get it back from Elf... So, I've added the previously missing pages, plus three more pages. Please, feel free to wander around here.

Lesse...Once Upon a Time in Saillune was moved to its own site, this updates page was created, a lot of the other pages on this site were redone and/or remade. I don't feel like documenting any of the updates before this one. Oh, yeah, and a counter was added.

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