Once Upon a Time in Saillune
Credits & Thank Yous :: That Page Few People Actually Read
There's currently nobody in particular who has earned a credit for anything...

Thanks goes to:
Death, for being my first and only prereader for most of the first chapter, I wonder why?
Jane Clift, my prereader after I lost contact with Death for a while & a very good friend
The FFIRC, esp. Kara, Krista, Night, and Mage, for having put up with me and my moods
Irony, Jen, and Dralore for the same
My friends, both those already mentioned and those I haven't, for being my friends
Those whom have read this and didn't tell me to drop this, for obvious reasons, though my muse has been unwilling to let me even consider abandoning this
Those whom have read this and commented on it to boot, for giving me reason to continue posting it
The person who wrote the book that highly influaced this 'fics plot, for writing that book, though I doubt that you'd recognise that...

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