Usage Policy Page for Majo's Cauldron

Please read this if you have questions about using works on my page.

General Policies:

   In general, a polite and clear email will get you a faster and more positive response than an email written in l337 (or like it was written by an 11 year-old).
   I speak and write English and traditional Chinese, and have a basic grasp of Japanese. Even if English is not your native language, don't hesitate to email me, I promise I won't bite.

To make it short, due to the rash of people stealing art/using it without permission lately, I am changing my usage policy.

Do NOT use my art without prior express written permission. Do not steal, copy, trace, color, make icons/layouts/prints/signatures out of my pictures. It's utterly ridiculous to have to do this for fanart, I know, but the situation is starting to seriously aggravate me.

I'm not naive enough to think this will make anyone stop, but I hope to make them think twice. This is also my disclaimer that I will have no tolerance for people who steal art, or think it's ok to beg forgiveness rather than ask permission. If I find anything of mine that is used/modified/whatever without my permission, I will NOT give you the benefit of the doubt. I will log as many helpdesk tickets and policy violations and comments as it takes to have it taken down.

I will also most likely NOT grant usage permission any more. Please keep that in mind when you request it.

Written Works Policies:

Original Works:
Original Written works are NOT to be used off this site. The only possible exception is if you are the co-author.

As far as I'm concerned, fan-works should be shared. I am usually very easygoing about other people using my fan-stuff as long as they are not claiming that they created it themselves.

   If you want to archive my fanfics, please do the following:
     1. Email me with the request. Let me know where you are planning on archiving it (that means including a link).
     2. Include my name, email, and a link to my site on the page where you have the fanfics.
     3. Email me back with a confirmation and a link where the works are posted. That way I can keep track of things. :)

Art Works Policies:

Original Works:
Same policy as Original Written Works: The original artworks are NOT to be used off this site. The only possible exception is if you are the co-creator.

you have received permission from me for fanart usage, please note the below. Otherwise DO NOT use my fanart for anything.
1. Please do NOT have the image modified - i.e. cropping, shrinking, taking out my signature, coloring, etc.
     2. If you're using it for an icon, layout, etc, I would like to have a copy of it (and might possibly use it...)
     3. Whenever possible, I would prefer a link to my archives instead of having my art archived on some other fansite.

If you are the person that I did the gift-art for, then you are free to do whatever you want to the picture as you please except claiming to have drawn it yourself.
   If you want to use giftart, please get permission from the receiver of the gift art first, then email me.

Links Policy:

   My site is Link-free. An email letting me know is appreciated but not required, but it does give me a chance to ask for your site and possibly link you back. :D

If you still have questions, email me at

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