About Me

Basic Info:

Name: (online handle) Some variation of Majo
Age: Old enough to drink, not old enough to retire
Occupation: Participant in the nearly daily rat-race, hoping to be a student again soon
Favorite Anime/Manga: Too many to list. Currently it's Saiunkoku and DGM. Everything I have a gallery/writing for is also pretty much a favorite. I've fallen out of love a few times though - Bleach is driving me crazy, I'm temporarily boycotting Naruto, and Inuyasha is just so scarily long...@_@
Favorite hobbies: Drawing/doodling, writing, thinking up funny scenes (but not writing or drawing them), watching anime/reading manga, parking myself at a library, art supplies shopping.
Dreams/Wishes: To get a good Masters degree and become financially independent or retire early so I can devote my life to my hobbies. :D
Favorite food(s): Too many to list, but I have special love for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean food. I have also grown to like normal American food and Thai. Vietnamese noodles is also something I eat regularly. ^_^
Dislikes: People who steal things (lookin' at you, art thieves), drama, smart people being idiotic, politics, last-minute things, extremely loud music/movie/whatever, extremely crowded places, and dirty bathrooms.


Most commonly used supplies: mechanical pencil with 2H lead. Hardcovered sketchbooks (I currently like spiral bounds).
Mediums: Traditional: I use mostly Copic markers now, though I used to dabble with colored pencils and watercolor. CG: I use Photoshop and Painter to color, openCanvas to draw lineart. I have a Wacom Intuos2 tablet.
Inspiration: whatever's my favorite anime/manga at the time, talking with fellow fangirls, seeing others' art or writing.
Strengths: ...er, I doodle fast?
Weaknesses: Too many to list. Backgrounds, perspective, proportions come immediately to mind.
Started: Been drawing as long as I can remember, though the true push came sometime in 1994 (ish).
One thing about art: I can't stop.


Handwritten or typed?: Typed if at all possible.
Other people's writing, new styles, books, music.
...er, I've been told I'm funny when I try at it?
Weaknesses: Finishing things and iffy grammar. I also post rarely.
One thing about writing:
I wish I didn't have an achy hand so I can write more.


Favorite Poet: Pablo Neruda
Injuries: I have RMI in my right wrist and thumb
Secret: Wish I was skinny enough to cosplay. XD


If you still have questions, email me at chsinyu18@yahoo.com.

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