Majo's Links Page

These are my favorite links for various things. (in no particular order).
Some links are updated to their new URLs (everyone's getting their own Web-address now, yay!)
Note for 1/6/09 - a lot of the links are down, so I'm removing them until I can find the sites again...

Inu Goya: A better use of the News

Patches' Inuyasha site, with information and all sorts of lovely things like reviews and summaries and news. I must admit that I am most fond of her oekaki-board though...^_^;

Mayshing's site. She's just an incredible artist with her own unique style and philosphy on art. Her webcomic, E-depth Angel, has wonderful story, characters, and gorgeous art.

IMHO, the best FullMetal Alchemist fanarchive out there. For those who dare not wander into or despair of finding good stories in the sea of livejournal entries, worry not! No mary-sues or bad quality writings there! All pairings and ratings. *update*: now it also has a Naruto archive! yay!

Read the warnings on the page, but to me, the art is gorgeous enough for me to entirely not care. (And it actually updates pretty regularly!)

Jen-sama's (new) art site. I don't think I even need to introduce it, just go check out its wonderfulness.^_^;, where I've been getting the manga for my newfound Naruto obsession.

Online Fanarts Protection: If it ain't yours, don't use it without permission, whether you speak Japanese/Chinese/Korean/Thai/Whatever or not.

Livejournal Communities
Saiunkoku Monogatari community
The comm has news updates, notices of when the episodes come out, occasional scans and translations, and fanworks.

Saiunkoku Monogatari Fanfic Community
Similar to the above, but fanfic specific.


Wow, I have a lot of links. More will be added as time allows.