Majo's Commission Information

Please note: As of 10/4/2004, I've started a full time job, but I am still willing to do commissions on the side if asked. So if you're interested, please take a look! Please be reminded that I reserve the right to refuse commissions. I don't bite, so if you want to ask questions, please send me an email.
Quick Commission:
This type of commission is cheap and quick, which is hopefully what everyone wants. Here's the rundown: send me an email regarding what you wish me to draw, and I'll quote you a price for it (here's a general price table for reference). If you agree, I will make at most 2 sketches for your approval. Once that's done, I'll draw you the finished picture and mail it out (or send it via email) when I receive payment. Simple!
Want to see one of my old pictures colored? Want a print? Want a doujin? (oh, that's gonna be HARD...) Just drop me a line and I'll see what I can do. Prices may vary!

Price table for Quick Commission

  Pencil Inked Colored Digital *
Quick Commission $8-12 $12-20 $20+ Same
 1: commissions are delivered with CD-R or email.
 2: hard-copies might be extra, depending on the medium.
Payment Method:
I will take Paypal and money orders for US dollars only. If you send personal checks, be aware that I will not mail out the order until I see that the check has cleared. Email me if you have questions regarding payment.
Now you've reached the end! If you're still interested, email me at

updated 2/4/06