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Title: Haunted
Series: Angel Sanctuary
Jibrille (Gabriel)
Version: 1

Finished: August 18, 2002

Thanks to Nocturna for the brushes. I love you, those brushes have just been priceless!
The screencap sucks, it makes the playlist look icky. So ignore it.
Functional EQ, AVS and MB all available (wowzer)
Effects from the Shuuichi and Rosiel/Katan skin used, but it doesn't look like a copy of either. This is good. So download the pretty Archangel of water. NOW.

Title: Angel Voice
Series: Angel Sanctuary
Rosiel and Katan
Version: 1

Finished: August 10, 2002

Thanks to Nocturna for the brushes I used, yet again. And for giving me ideas for my own brush-like things.
Nyo... Yet another blue/purple skin, but it looks nice, I think. Took a while but I don't mind. Rosiel said I had to make a skin of him, and here it is, finally... It won't be the last.
And Katan should get his own skin, sometime... nyo.
Functional EQ included that's ugly as hell, avs skinned. Hidden Chibi-Rosiel, find it and die of cute.
Just download it before Rosiel gets angry. Nyo.

Title: Fukai Mori (Deep Forest)
Series: Angel Sanctuary
Version: 1

Finished: July 23, 2002

Another AS skin... so pretty! It matches the layout, too! Hehe... I like how it turned out a lot. Pretty and soft, very cool feel to it. And I finished it so soon after the last skin, I'm kinda surprised at how fast I'm turning these out!
EQ available barless. AVS and MB not skinned cause I'm lazy. Original image also included.

Title: Dizzy
Series: Angel Sanctuary
Version: 1

Finished: March 9, 2003

And after a long hiatus, I return bearing skins of Setsuna!... I'm currently upset with him after Zaphkiel, but there are too many skinnable pics of him to just leave him alone...namely cause Yuki-sensei is obsessive with her main chars.
Anyway, you likely noticed that most of this skin is scribbles and not manga stuffs. This means I made that stuff from scratch, and it was a royal bitch weasel. The original file for this has a ridiculous amount of layers, ug. It looks damn nice, tho.
Has an AVS, but no EQ bars.
Brushes.... I used a bunch. Nocturna of course, and likely a few from Misprinted Type and Vbrush. ATnet may have a brush or two in there.

Title: Name
Series: Angel Sanctuary
Teiaiel/Teiara (Tiaiel/Tiara)
Version: 1

Finished: July 21, 2002

Go minor characters! Ain't she cute sitting there on a coffin? I think so... hehe. Lil Ragamuffin.
This is a pretty minimal skin. Lots of stuff hard to see/invisible, but see if I care. I like it as it is.
My first completed AS skin, with more to come. I love the art! @_@
So have a cute angel in rags.