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Welcome to the previews page - now with three previews! What is going on here is that previews of fanfics I'm considering writing are posted, and if somebody decides they like it well enough to bug me to continue it, I will...

You want to bug me? Send your emails here. To those of you who are on The Dragon & The Demon ML, the AZ Royal Blue ML, or the TRAD/linagourry ML, please be aware that public nagging is not only much more effective then private nagging, it's also more likely to actually reach me. Stupid email box, eating my email...)

A Somewhat Bawdy Tail : The cause of this one is my muse getting high, Irony deciding that the idea was good, and next thing I knew was that Irony had lent my muse a pointy stick...

Stange Wyrd was A Lost Night : Zelgadiss has gotten cured - by a prince who decided that, if that Zelgadiss was human, Zel'd make a great replacement for himself...

Chained : Not your normal Xelloss / Filia fanfic.

[Sometime, possibly during TRY, the pre-dinner conversation drifts into stuff about the birds & the bees... Everybody assumes that, Gourry being, well, Gourry, he doesn't know about the physical stuff. Well, it turns out that not only does he know about the physical stuff, he also knows some of the most...interesting...drinking songs...]
     Lina, Amelia, and Zelgadiss stared. There was something about Gourry and Xelloss cheerfully - though it was quite certain that they were each cheerful for a different set of reasons - one of the bawdiest drinking songs the three had ever heard. There was no way of knowing if the pair knew any bawdier...
     Filia, on the other hand, watched the pair in bewilderment. This perhaps was part of why Xelloss was so cheerful. It was quite clear that Filia's knowledge of the current human language was lacking in certain areas of slang...
[The duet finishes, and Filia expresses her curiosity about what the song was about...]
     Xelloss smiled - his usual smile, with a touch, perhaps, of leer to it. "I'll explain it to you...somewhere a little more private?"
     Filia looked at the trickster. Well, he looks like he's serious, Filia decided. And they had already gotten rooms for the night in the inn above the tavern...
     "Okay..." Filia got up, and, Xelloss close on her heels, headed for her room.

[Xelloss takes a very direct route to explaining the bawdy song: he tries to do the same with Filia, more or less... Lina is listening in towards the end of this scene, and you can guess which part she overhears...]
     Filia looked and Xelloss, as Xelloss rubbed the quickly fading bruise on his cheek. "Namagomi," she growled, holding her mace ready to hit him again. "What made you think I was interested that with you?"
     Xelloss blinked at her, then laughed. "You don't know?"
     "Don't know what?"
     "Traditional part of mazoku courtship." He paused to giggle. "Abuse of the male."
     "Mazoku...court? But I thought"
     "Well, usually, but sometimes we like to enjoy the process."
     Something else occurred to Filia, then. "You mean you think that I've been hitting on you all this time?"
     "And hitting me sometimes..."
[They argue for a bit more, drift back downstairs, and Filia discovers that Lina onverheard the part about mazoku courtship...]

A Somewhat Bawdy Tail

...why am I writing this?

     Zelgadiss looked around the strange room. This was not a surprise to him; he had been on the road for so long that the idea of waking up in a familiar room had become slightly scary. However, the room he had woken up in was a much better quality strange room then his usual one -- the last time he had woken up in a strange room of its quality, he had been staying with Amelia, in Saillune...and it hadn't been the room he had been assigned to. (Three guesses whose room it was, folks.)
      [Zelgadiss goes looking around the room, and discovers that, while his usual clothes are missing, his personal possesions have been left behind along with a note. He also locates a suit of clothes that are his size and gets dressed. Oh, yes, and in the process he discovers he's human once again.]

Dear Replacement:
     Since I am expecting you to take my place permenantly, I feel obligated to provide you with some of the basic information about myself. As you should have noticed, I have only taken your clothes and turned you human. The spell making you human is unbreakable and has been in our family for centuries.
     Your name - once mine - is Aekin Mirril Maraina. You are the crown prince of Maraina, the sole remaining child of King Eran. He's going senile. Beware of all your other new relitives. They will be happy to kill you.
     I have left due to an impending arranged marriage to the princess of another kingdom. She's already arrived, and all the rumors I have heard about her beauty and personality seem to true. I doubt that you will object much to marrying her in my place, though, since you are not likely to get a princess for a bride elsewhere.
     Please, don't go looking for me and enjoy your new life.

     Zelgadiss looked at the note for several long minutes. He didn't want to have to play at being this Crown Prince Aekin. And he could guess at the kinds of proven-true rumors there must be about the princess that he was going to be forced to marry...ugly, stuck-up, and bossy almost beyond belief, probably.
     Zelgadiss sighed, seeing his life strech out in front of him...
     Maybe he'd get lucky and die soon, before...
     ...he had to see Amelia again. He didn't want to know what seeing him married, or worse, getting married, to somebody else - even though he was certain she'd know that he hadn't been and wasn't willing - would do to her...
     There was a knock on the door. Zelgadiss put the note to the side, where it would hopefully not be noticed, and called to whomever was at the door. "Come in!"

     Amelia got up early that morning. She was curious about this Crown Prince Aekin. The message that the Saillunese ambassador to Maraina had sent had said that their crown prince had seen a picture of her, and heard about how she was a champion for justice...
      [Amelia reaches the door, knocks, hears a familiar-sounding voice tell her to come inside. She discoveres Zelgadiss - or, from her perspective, at least a Zelgadiss lookalike - inside. I'm not sure quite what her reaction is, but in the end Zel gives her Prince Aekin's note.]

Strange Wyrd

or Zelgadiss Sabotages Himself Many Times [Got a better subtitle?]

     Xelloss woke up slowly. This wasn't normal for him; normal was everything green-light and 200% ready to go as soon as Somnus let him go. This time, though, Somnus's grip upon him was firmer and unwilling to release him.
     He wasn't even sure what had happened the night before -- no less the entire week preceeding it.
     Other things started becoming clearer to him. He was in a bed in an inn -- where the inn was, he wasn't sure -- and he could see some clothes draped over a chair near the bed, though they didn't look like *his* clothes.
     There was also some warm weight draped over his chest. He moved a hand up to touch it, frowned, and folded the sheet back. This provided him with two important items of information: he was naked, and somebody else was in bed with him. Unless this person's nightclothes were shortsleved, he wasn't the only naked person in the bed.
     What the [Term meaning Phibrizo's Realm] has happened? Xelloss thought. He just didn't wake up naked in strange beds with somebody else and no memory of how he got there.
     Xelloss moved to lift the arm, then stopped as the owner of the arm yawned and lifted the arm away.

     Filia yawned and stretched her arms. Something at the back of her mind informed her as she did this that she was topless as she rolled out of the bed, but such things could wait until after her first cup of tea.
     Everything could wait until after that cup of tea.
     That meant that her clothes having vanished could wait. That meant that the fact that she didn't know how she got wherever she was -- no less where this 'wherever' was -- could wait. That meant that her ears seeming to have changed shape could wait.
     That meant that a very naked Xelloss was watching her with what perhaps could be called great interest...and that it wasn't just his face that was indicating what kind of interest...
     Okay. So not everything could wait until after her first cup of tea.

     Xelloss's mouth twitched into a nervous smile as he saw Filia's sleepy expression quickly change into what should have been a near-intoxifying mix of shock, anger, and something that he couldn't quite read.
     There was yet another strange thing to add to the list: he wasn't sensing Filia's emotions. Not only that but he felt...hungry. He knew that, with a very angry Filia just out of arm's reach, he shouldn't feel *hungry*.
     Filia couldn't see any change in Xelloss's expression, but she knew, in some strange way, that he was confused. She glanced at where the door was, and noticed that there were two robes handing on hooks beside it. She turned to get one to salvage her modesty.
     Halfway between the bed and the robes, she felt a sharp tug on her ankle, like she had reached the end of a chain, and she fell down. There was a cry as she hit her left elbow hard -- from Xelloss. After glaring at her elbow for a few seconds -- strangely, the pain didn't bother her much -- she took the time to look at Xelloss.
     Xelloss was rubbing his elbow -- the back of her mind noted that it was his left one -- and frowning. "Something's wrong," he said.
     Filia looked at him. In the same way that she had known earlier that he had been confused, she knew that he was speaking seriously -- and there was a faint undercurrent of worry. "Yes, something's wrong..."


If loving you makes a slave of me, then I'll spend my whole life in chains. - Sophie B. Hawkins

The Slayers & the characters from it were created by & are copyright Hajime Kanzaka and Rui Araizumi. The ideas used here, however, are copyright 2001 Ryo Hoshi.
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