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The events surrounding Val's fourth birthday... Status: Unfinished
Dormant; may gain some drafts
Comedy; Xel/Filia romantic themes.
Xelloss & Filia wake up one morning together, absolutely naked, in a bed at an inn. They discover that they are missing roughly a week. During this missing week, something had happened to get them to territory whose relationship to the places they know is unknown and they've gotten completely new outfits. Now, they're stranded in a completely new (to them) land, connected to each other by an invisible chain and their magic no longer working right... Status: Unfinished
Almost got a full draft of the first part done, still.
Post-TRY setting; Xelloss & Filia romantic/relationship themes; some citrus content.
The last thing Zelgadiss clearly remembers is entering an inn, in hopes of a nice warm bed and a bath after a long depressing day of travelling through the constant rain and mud of Maraina in search of a cure, and seeing a young man who looked like a human kopii of him. So he's totally surprised when the next thing he knows, he's human, in the royal palace, and everybody's insisting that he's Crown Prince Aekin of Maraina. Status: Unfinished
I'm working on it, I really am!
Post-TRY setting; Zelgadiss & Amelia romantic themes; comedy.
Various examples of strange happenings happen, ranging from the revelation that Gourry's memory is good enough for him to know several incredibly bawdy drinking songs to the discovery that abuse of the male is an important part of mazoku courtship behavior... Status: Unfinished
Installments coming L-sama knows when, 'cause I don't.
Vaugely set; Xelloss & Filia romantic themes; semi-bawdy comedy; some citrus content.
Twist & Crawl
On an impromtu dance floor, Xelloss and Filia dance together... Status: Draft
Darkish; Xelloss / Filia romantic themes; Songfic.
Painted Desert
Set post-TRY & (mostly) in Zelgadiss's POV. Zel is searching the desert for his cure and thinking (not on purpose) of Amelia... Status: Draft
Zelgadiss / Amelia romantic themes; Songfic.
Untitled -- 042601
Zelgadiss returns to Saillune, to return Amelia's bracelet to her. Status: Draft
Zelgadiss / Amelia romantic themes; angsty.

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