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Rezo decides to arrange for a concubine for Zelgadiss after repeated failures to arrange a match for his heir... Status: Unfinished
Somewhat stalled currently, due to the need to figure out how the next few chapters break up.
Lime in version on this site; alternate universe: hybrid of canon universe with other sources, primarily pre-WWII Japanese culture; Episodic; romantic themes, primarily Zel/Ame with minor elements of Xel/Fi and Lina/Gourry.
So far: Amelia and young Val find a burial mound in the English countryside and awaken an ancient evil.
Due to the fact that this story is episodic in its nature, the summary only covers the first story.
Status: Unfinished
This one got hijacked by the mad revisionist; it doesn't help that said person likes making me have to transcribe the revisions back in.
Dark; Alternate universe: historical fantasy set circa World War II; Episodic.
Lina and Gourry go to investigate Zelgadiss and Amelia's dissapearance. Status: Unfinished
Not dead, just resting... { Side story undergoing massive revision. }
Dark; Lina/Gourry romantic themes.
Side Story:
Dark; Graphic Content; Zel/Amelia romantic themes.
In a universe different from the one we know from the series, a young (by Golden Dragon standards, anyways) woman named Filia Ul Copt joins the Sairaag Police Department due to a poltician's clever idea for creating a more diverse police force.

The police commisioner, Zelas Metallium, is not happy about this, and orders her servant, and her best detective to get Filia out of the police force.

And so, Filia finds herself assigned to work as part of the homicide department...
Status: Unfinished
Active, amazingly...
Set in an Alternate Universe; Lina & Gourry, Zelgadiss & Amelia, and Xelloss & Filia romantic themes; some graphic content; some citrus content.

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