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I know it's thin here...

Zelgadiss goes to explore a strange thing happening in the Desert of Destruction in hopes of finding his cure. Status: Finished
So much work for what's really a prologue...
Dark; Graphic Content & rather strange content; Zelgadiss / Amelia romantic themes; Post-TRY.
Filia is acting strange, and Xelloss learns why you should let sleeping dragons lie. The title does not refer to Filia's English-language image song; it refers to one of the songs quoted in the story itself. Status: Finished
Dark; Graphic Content; Xelloss / Filia romantic themes; Post-TRY.
Untitled -- 020901
Many years after the end of TRY, Xelloss arrives at Filia's late at night... Status: Finished
Xelloss / Filia romantic themes; post-TRY by quite a while.

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