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Sorry, it took longer than I'd thought it would. I've got all of Idylls and Mr Somewhere, both of which have been completed, up and moved onto the list of completed fanfics. I've also added Blue Lotus and Blood Red Roses to the incomplete fanfics list.


I know, it's been a really long time. I've been busy with various things, primarily with writing and with doing a new version of this site. Meanwhile, we've had to move servers once again, and I'm having problems installing CGI programs... Pages have been cleaned up, and all links on this page whose age is over a year have been removed on the basis that I've reorganized things a few times. New things will be added over the next few days...


I've corrected some email addresses, fixed a few links, and gotten Mystery up finally.


Alright, I've redone the fanfiction listings completely, and finally gotten around to adding Idylls and to adding (on the main page only a link to my account of I also have completely checked my Selected Links page, correcting one URL and adding another. Next on my list is getting Once Upon a Time in Saillune updated and then I'll be getting my newest site up.


Sorry about the almost six-month vacation, but I burnt out on the HTML for the shrines, so I'm dropping them... A few pages from one of the shrines have been added to The Junked Pages. With the next update I'll be adding a new site to my sites, and after that I'll be once again adjusting the fanfiction listings. Hopefully, though, I'll not be having to adjust them again for a while after this.


I've corrected a lot of unfixed links put in the out-of-order notice in the guestbook, and cleaned up the new series indexes in fanfiction. Next to be fixed and set back up are Stolen Tea and A Cup of Tea.


The site got moved once again, due to Envy's demise, ressurection, and change in policy. No plans are in the works for another move URL-wise. Some random updates, mainly in the way of fixing HTML, changing the version, and rearranging parts of the site.


Due to the disk drive going out, I've had more time to work on HTML. I've corrected half a dozen internal links, and doubled the number of links on the Selected Links page. I have also added a new button (a gift from the talented Jen) that that page, along with a Gifts page which currently only contains a gift pic from Jen (Thanks, Jen!), and fixed the counters...


Ahhh, Thanksgiving. The time to give thanks for all that you have... So, give thanks for an update: there's a lot of new content in the Sometimes Altered Mindlessness.


I think most of the people are aware of what has happened in the US -- particularly in New York City -- today for me to have to explain why I have changed the color scheme of this page... The current color scheme is in memory of those who died & were injured...


Over two weeks since I actually got the start of this update done, and I'm only just getting around to uploading this all... Updated were the Series & Ideas indexes and the Sometimes Altered Mindlessness. A couple links and some of the 'fics will get updated next time around.


Once Upon a Time in Saillune has been moved to its own site. We're still linking to it.


The start of another round of updates has hit. Today's updates were the addition of several more links to the Selected Links page and the reorganization & addition of three more future series to the Series index.


Sorry about the two day delay, but the indexes for Once Upon a Time in Saillune and its side story are now entirely redone, and the new drafts are up now.


I've started cleaning up the indexes for Once Upon a Time in Saillune and its side story. Today, I cleaned up the layout of their indexes, plus added a bit of content... Tomorrow, I plan to fix (and add) a couple of the missing blurbs and, if I get time, start updating the drafts, add a couple of the still-missing graphics, and work on the ability to offer this thing in both plaintext and hypertext formats. Please, feel free to contribute fanart & send commentary on this project... I want to know that my life has not been sacraficed in vain...


A new idea has been added to the Ideas page, and Stolen Tea is now open...


I've got the Ideas page done. There's two ideas there -- please comment.


The Guestbook and Yet Another Slayers Web Board should be up and working. Why don't you folks go test 'em for me?


Updated the Previews page. There's only one preview on it currently, but please go and look...


Yet Another Webpage was moved off of Crosswinds and onto Envy.
Two new site stuff pages and three new fanfiction indexes were added & a counter was installed.


Version 2.0 : Gleobeam of Yet Another Webpage went up. Cascading Style Sheets were implemented to prolong the life of the HTML on this page and the layouts were cleaned up.
The fanfiction pages were cleaned up, two new fanfictions were added to the listings, all but one of the One Shots are now up, and there is finally a complete 'fic up. (It's one of the two newly listed ones -- look under the One Shots.) Two links were added to the Selected Links pages, the link to Lunar Eclipse was updated, and some new linking banners created for this site by Dralore Shimare were added. Thank you, Dralore!

I uploaded the roughs of A Cup of Tea.

I just fixed a few errors on the links pages...and I'm still working on putting together the rest of the 'fic. sigh I loathe mind-boggling HTML coding...

Uploaded the fanfiction pages, renaming two of the primary pages. Only four of the series -- The Other Shore, Once Upon a Time in Saillune, Compromising Positions, and The Mazoku Pet Guide (which until recently was known as Untitled) -- and none of the one-shots are up. There's a banner for linking to us and the first of what we hope will be many links on the Selected Links page, too.

Uploaded the roughs of YAW.

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