Wow. I didnít realize there would be so much to do. I guess I should start by saying a few things about this page. Itís sort of a ďstart offĒ page that will link everything together.

Important: Yes, the name of the page has been changed. So if you've linked to this page please update. If you want to link to this page, email me and I'll make you a special banner or something. Anyway, that wasn't why I bolded this: I wanted to thank Melodie and Mandy for giving me this name. Well, sort of, it's in one of my stories because of them and now it's the new name for my site.

If anyone has any ideas for my site, feel free to email me HERE.

The links are 99.9 percent completed now. That whole page is just links to friends pages and other cool pages that I think should be recognized.

Donít ask me why Iím putting a page about me, I just thought that perhaps if youíre here, you might want to know about me, etc. I swear I wonít bore you to death.

Come back and visit again, soon! And by then, hopefully I will have a guestbook up! :)