I was working on a random map generator to feed to an extruder, to use to quickly make illustrations for my stories. However, when I passed the results to Microsoft Photo Editor and added the water color effect, I got these leaves.

Since I've been trying to achieve the leaf effect for awhile, I was very pleased.

After extensive toning down, compressing and otherwise degrading the original effect into something that can sort-of go behind text, And can load in a semi-reasonable amount time.

The best part (other than having a great new desktop) is that my web page no longer consists of anyone else's art (my previous background was from the windows 2000 pro, which I don't use)

Sorry about the reading dificulty I'm still working on it. If you want a non-degraded copy of the original leaves click here



Well I'm just back from helping my Grandma build a web site... Wow do I hate yahoo rtml, and it could be a great language to use if they just had extensive language documentation.

I've another story uploaded. Check out An arranged marriage, in Quavosh?.

I really intended to have more of my stories up by now, but I seem to have had a problem labeling my backups so I'm still working on merging my edits into single documents.

I'm also looking for steady work... Not that I mind the free time between jobs to binge on my reading, writing, translating and hacking(the ma bell and knitting circle use of the word, not the MIT or Scientific American use of the word.)

I've figured out how to insert my footnotes into html so lookout for footnote marker's in some of my stories, but especially in my translations...

I'm tired of having these tiny ants crawl across my monitor or every twenty minutes, so maybe I'll go do something about it.


I've finally gotten around to writing the introductory rant for my page so now I have to up load it all...sigh...


Thanks for your patience...


Right now the only thing that is really working about the site is the fiction. Parts 4 5 and 6 are still being edited for the web. After that some of my other stories may start appearing.


Some how choosing my Ent alias for my site's theme seems to have been a bad idea. So far it's taken me something like four months to get something up here.


That's all for now