where my webcomic addiction started.

Where I learned 1337 534|<. but more importantly where I got introduced to manga.

where most the plainvanilla funnies can be found allong with a number of other things.

to remind myself that I am not alone, but also that If I don't want to end up in his situation, I will have to excercise more deliberate planning and dicipline. (This is your popup warning)

gpf software
Similar to userfriendly but, much vaster in scope.


Rather than search at the source (overture.com) to start with, I search a all the mirrors at once.

There seems to no longer be free webmail at www.com. ERG!

When I need some nerdy news to keep me sane I visit. Or when I have upwards of twelve hours to waste and I don't have a good book. Like the rest of the web it's best to go with a specific topic in mind.