Short Ears
or Sheridan Gaelen, Tiger Trainer

I, Jumbly

An experiment in deterministic reality

Hiel Felis

An arranged marrage, in Quavosh?

Short Ears

Part zero: Prolog: Fire

In which Sheridan is lost

Part one: Men

In which Sheridan is found and identified

Part two: Ships

In which I first meet Sheridan

Part three: Christmas

In which Sheridan learns about families

Part four: NCPC

In which Sheridan finds a mission

Part five: Departures

The terror is identified, and repents. A new enemy arises, and most of the strings of the first book are tied up.

Interlude (In progress)

Part six: Letters

Some letters

My story (Forthcoming)

Marguerite's story (Forthcoming)

The mission (Forthcoming)

Second Conclusion (still questionable)